CEM specializes in the testing, certification, and repair / maintenance service of laboratory fume hoods. All testing is provided with calibrated instrumentation in accordance with the appropriate industry test standard and /or guideline.

Laboratory Fume Hoods may be tested and certified to AIHA/ANSI z9.5, ASHRAE-110, SEFA, OSHA, manufacture’s specifications and Industrial Ventilation Guidelines. Each hood test includes a custom report outlining final results in full detail.

CEM currently provides testing and certification for the following types of fume hoods:

  • Constant Volume Fume Hoods
  • Variable Air Volume Fume Hoods
  • Low Flow Design Fume Hoods
  • Grossing / Pathology Hoods
  • Necropsy / Downdraft Tables
  • Anesthetic Work Stations
  • Local Snorkel Hoods / Exhaust Trunks

CEM offers the following services for fume hood testing. Depending on the facility and related industry, the appropriate scope of testing shall apply.

Fume Hood Testing

Inflow Air Velocity Profile: Verifies the hood is properly ventilated and providing adequate inflow velocity and personnel protection at the workface opening of the hood

Airflow Visualization Profile: Verifies the hood is providing non-turbulent airflow to work area and that airflow is not escaping the front opening at workface opening

Alarm Monitor Calibration: Adjustment to airflow monitor per manufacturer specifications

Cross Draft Testing: Verifies airflow patterns in front of hood is not disrupting containment capabilities or capture velocity characterisitcs of hood

Static Pressure Reading: Measurement of static pressure in exhaust duct typically used as a baseline for future testing or to monitor on-going performance of exhaust system

ASHRAE-110 (Tracer Gas) Testing: Measures the actual containment capabilities of the hood using a tracer gas source

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